Young American families' poor and decreasing nutrition due to...

• lack of education about nutrition, obesity and nutrition-related diseases

• parents' inadequate
awareness of their 
children's nutrition

• children's and youths' lack of interest in their nutrition 

• too much attention on consumption  

• parents' lack of time 

Our Challenge
Obesity among children 
is a virtual epidemic!

Over the past 30 years,
childhood obesity rates have tripled;
30% of the children 
are now overweight or obese.
Later in life, many will suffer
from chronic obesity-related 
health problems, like 
diabetes, heart diseases, 
high blood pressure,
cancer and asthma.

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American families, especially children, being healthy and happy
Cooking and Kids 

Conquering childhood obesity
Helping America to conquer childhood obesity and related diseases,
preparing children to pass healthy eating to our next generation,
by enabling young families to make permanent changes in their daily diets and lives. 
Addressing a critical national need!
Building physically-healthy children! 
Correcting flawed family nutrition!
Developing good work values and skills!
Enjoying creative, enthusiastic family fun!
American families, especially children, being healthy and happy
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